[Webinar] Communicate Through It: How to Fundraise in Ongoing Crises

There’s no way around it – 2020’s been a difficult year. If you’re gearing up for your annual year-end fundraising cycle, you’re probably wondering how to keep connecting authentically with your supporters when you already know there are more urgent challenges still to come.

We’re here to share which comms strategies are proven to make your donors turn up the volume – and which ones will just make them hit the mute button. We met with special guest Cheryl Contee, CEO and Co-Founder of Do Big Things, to learn how to engage your supporters wherever they are so that when a crisis happens, your message will resonate.

Webinar Title: Communicate Through It: How to Fundraise in Ongoing Crises
Broadcast Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Duration: 1 hour
Special Guest: Cheryl Contee, CEO and Co-Founder, Do Big Things
Mike Liddell, EveryAction General Manager, Digital