Impact Playbook: Annual Giving

Download our playbook and access everything you need to launch a sustainable and scalable annual giving campaign designed to increase employee engagement around community-based needs, timely events, or awareness dates.

Kick Off an Impactful Annual Giving Campaign


When it comes to implementing a sustainable workplace giving program, one of the biggest challenges that corporate social responsibility (CSR) leaders face is employee participation. Whether it’s lack of program knowledge, inability to give to causes they align with, or time and monetary restraints, there are dozens of reasons your employees aren’t getting involved. And while there are several ways to engage employees in workplace giving, annual programs have countless benefits. From donor engagement and retention to leadership development and increased impact, there’s no shortage of reasons why your company should invest.

Download our Impact Playbook focused on annual giving and discover how you can host employee-driven CSR programs that boost participation.

What You’re Getting in the Annual Giving Impact Playbook

Tips for Gaining Leadership Buy-in.
Program Ideas and Recommendations.
An Employee Interest Survey.
A Campaign Strategy Worksheet.
A Communications Checklist and Templates.
Campaign Evaluation Tips
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